dilluns, 20 de setembre de 2010


Binibeca, Menorca 10
"A.K.A. "The Hidden Bar", which was somewhat destroyed by The Guardian newspaper featuring it as one of the top five hidden bars in Barcelona (cue everyone trying to find it), the Papillon bar (which when translated is 50% a breed of dog, and 50% a type of lingerie), is one of the more tricky locales to, well, locate. This writer is convinced it found him (rather than the other way around) one night as he was stumbling home at 4am, he just happened to be on the right street at the right time. Its doors opened in front of him, two large black guys stepped out, and shepherded him into its cavernous interior. On occasion they may try to charge you anything from 10 to 25 euro to enter, but we figure that's only on the busiest nights, such as the Sonar weekend. Don't attempt to arrive here before 3am as it hasn't opened yet, and don't leave anything not nailed down in here, because even our euro coin on the pool table, reserving our place in the queue, was nabbed right in front of our eyes. Have a pint of "Maisels Weisse" when you arrive, just to get you in the mood. Nice place apart from the robbing bastards that frequent it."
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