dimarts, 15 de febrer de 2011


Pronunciation:/ʃeɪk/verb (past shook /ʃʊk/; past participle shaken /ˈʃeɪk(ə)n/)    1 [no object(of a structure or area of land) tremble or vibrate:
  • buildings shook in Sacramento and tremors were felt in Reno
  • [with objectcause to tremble or vibrate:a severe earthquake shook the area
  • (of a person, part of the body, or the voice) tremble uncontrollably from a strong emotion:Luke was shaking with rageher voice shook with passion [...] Oxford Dictionaries, online
  • Ciutadella, juliol10
    Shake it like a bowl of soup
    And make your body loop de loop
    Put your hands on your hips
    And kinda let your backbone slip
    Move your body like a whip
    And just shake! [...]
    (Sam Cooke)